It's not the first time we've talked about it, but it's a never ending topic, traveling Cache Road can be somewhat of a test of a persons patience. If you're not aware, the majority of Cache Road has a posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour. From the point you hop off the interstate til you get to the neighborhood area between 67th and 82nd, that's the speed limit. Why in the world does traffic so often flow at 34.5mph down our busiest stretch of city road?

Believe me, I know it's a first world problem. At least, the more of that road our fantastic street crews fix, it elevates a little more to a first world problem, but you get the gist. There are three lanes to choose from in traversing Lawton. Two of which, driving a little slow is understandable because you'd be turning either direction into restaurants or neighborhoods, but that middle lane should flow like a river... which is ironic since Cache Road is famous for flooding.

Curiously enough, I've been keeping a log of traffic flow in my vehicle for the past few months. I travel Cache Road twice a day at least five days each week. Since the traffic rarely flows well enough to catch the lights programmed to an average speed of 38mph (or so the signs say), keeping notes at the red lights gives me something to do in our collective downtime.

Over the weeks and months of keeping detailed notes... days of the week, particular times, etc... there is no discernible pattern to how traffic flows. Monday morning I was able to hop out of my neighborhood and not even have to slow down until I turned on Ft. Sill Blvd. Today, I was stuck at every single light because a convoy of lawn mower trailers decided to play slow-chicken down this same stretch of road.

If you've traveled the highway system in Oklahoma the last three years, odds are you are aware that cruising in the left/fast/passing lane is now illegal, surely you've seen the signs that say "Do Not Impede Traffic." The long and short meaning if you drive slow enough to slow the flow of traffic, you're entitled to receive a ticket for it. How has this trend not caught on in Lawton? The city has a new massive project they can't fund, why not spend the hard earned money of our most aggravating drivers?

Do you think slow drivers should be equal in the eyes of the law as speeding drivers? Let me know.

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