While this was probably done a long time ago, I haven't noticed until now. The City of Lawton has started using their new city logo on all of those replacement and additional trash cans the citizenry is forced to pay for since our very special city council decided crews could pick up the same amount of trash in half the trips. I will say though, the logo doesn't look half bad.

For reference, here is the old City of Lawton logo on the political promises filing cabinets.


And the new logo the city is putting on all of the new political promise filing cabinets.


While every bone in my body tells me to question how if the refuse system was so broke we had to cut services and raise costs in the most regressive-tax type way imaginable, where did the money for a new design and tooling come from? Something something road money, the mall, etc.... but I'm not going to do that because of this... Just because I'm just now seeing it, it could have been done years ago when some other old dude promised new roads on the campaign trail. Honestly though, the design is legit. It's attractive enough, the city should print of stickers.

In the case the city raises our water bill again just to print up a bunch of stickers, I'm sorry for saying it out loud. My bad.

Since we're on the subject of trash cans, as random as that may be, I wonder if they went through the trouble of the new logo and stamping and whatnot for the sake of aesthetics, why didn't they opt for colorful receptacles? Imagine seeing a sea of bright and vibrant colors lining the streets on trash day? Baby blues, lime greens, oranges and reds, everything in between. It might be just the thing to make people forget they're getting half the service at double the price.

Again, if the city raises our water bill again just to issue new colorful trash cans, that's on me for saying it out loud. It would be cool, but it wouldn't make any sense... which is what attracts bad politicians, the lack of sense.

Now, when are they going to revamp the mall. At least make that monstrosity look like a barndaminium or something. Make us all feel at least a little better about that stolen and (probably) kicked back $14,000,000.00

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