For at least 55 years, Lawton has been doing Armed Forces Day like nobody else. Of course, I'm sure Lawton was probably holding this event before then, I just can't source an earlier date online. In fact, in my search, I've probably seen this video a hundred times over the years. I've studied it trying to figure out exactly where it's being held. Even when talking to the few lifelong Lawton residents I know, they're a little fuzzy too.

We know that it had to be downtown. It's long before they built the now failing mall, but maybe someone will redevelop the downtown area back after that humongous building gets torn down. Maybe JCPenney's will be up to a retro brick and mortar location like in the video.

With the forecast still in the air, it might do you good to follow the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber on Facebook, or get updates on their official site.

Don't forget, this years Armed Forces Day Parade coincides with Fort Sills 150th birthday. From the humble beginnings of a wilderness tent fort to the sprawling 94,000 acre behemoth it has become, have an extra slice of cake to celebrate.

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