I think we've seen just about everything Lawton could offer a discerning home buyer in the last few years. Tons of houses in that $75-150k range, a handful for much less, and a couple that advertise for far more, but I think this might be the first Lawton house I've ever seen that crests over the million dollar mark... not to say there aren't a handful of million dollar homes here, I just don't troll Realtor.com as much as I did when I was looking to buy a few years ago.

Coming in at a listed even $1.5million, an almost four thousand square foot four-bed, three-bath home out in East Lawton. It's listed at 610 Northeast Flower Mound Road, but if you pop that in Google Maps, it's sets your way-point a little south of where this home exists. On the initial scroll through the pictures, it's sort of hard to see where the bulk of that asking price is, but then you read through and discover it's the valuable 54 acres of land that backs up to a very affluent neighborhood that holds all that true value. After all, three baths for a four-bedroom house that big is sort of out of the ordinary for homes in this price-range. Especially so if you look at real estate around Sulpher, Fort Worth, Edmond, Amarillo, Owasso, etc... Once over that $400k mark, you can usually expect a bathroom for each bedroom plus one for anyone to use as a visiting guest.

Other than that oddity, everything looks spot on for a rich person house. Solid surface countertops, a couple of family rooms, vaulted ceilings in the master, a big patio with lots of greenery. Who wouldn't dream of it? One thing that really stands out about this property is the garage. I have no idea who lives here, but that big three-car finished garage is any mans almost-ideal garage. The way the floors are laid in that old-school asbestos looking (probably vinyl) tile, lots of storage, a pool table light and a beer fridge... Like heaven with overhead doors. Still, $1.5million is a huge asking price in Lawton, but stranger things have happened.

You can see more of it over at Realtor.com.

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