In the opening scene of the cinema classic Super Troopers, when a trio of psychotropic enthusiasts are pulled over by main character Trooper Arcot "Thorny" Ramathorn, the young men panic and the poor brave soul in the back seat eats both their bag of marijuana and psilocybin "magic" mushrooms. A bold move to avoid the legal issues both posed in Vermont at the time.

After the three were arrested for littering and... littering and... littering and... smokin' the reefer, the character that Kobayashi'd the illicit plants tripped balls creating a magical movie moment that will live on for eternity.

For the youths of my generation, this was our first exposure to the illegal fungus.

Skip forward more years than I can clearly define without IMDB, and much like Oklahoma's stance on marijuana, the topic of decriminalizing mushrooms and the possible medicinal use of these plants.

One of Lawton's Oklahoma State House Representative Daniel Pae has introduced legislation to do just that.

The long and short of the expansive text that can be read here is, instead of an arrest and jail time for persons caught with small amounts of the drug, confiscation and a fine will suffice.

The bill also outlines a licensing process for relevant outlets to obtain, grow, and research through clinical trials, inquiring about the possible medicinal benefits of the naturally occurring fungus.

I believe it was the same year Lawton's ketamine clinic opened up that I read a few papers that were published on the possible PTSD treatment outcome of psilocybin mushrooms.

If the state is open to researching Special-K, it's only natural Oklahoma looks into this as the early peer-reviewed research looked promising... Something like one treatment having a positive impact, some results lasting multiple months instead of the normal pharmaceutical standard of 24 hours.

If you're curious, Oregon is the only state where magic mushrooms are already medically legal and personally decriminalized. A handful of cities in Washington, California, Colorado, Michigan, and Massachusetts have decriminalized the possession and use of them. The rest of the country remains locked in the age-old Drug War, completely illegal any and all possession or use of.

Time will tell if there are medical benefits to this natural drug or if it turns into how most people view Oklahoma's medical marijuana thing... Where everyone preaches the medicinal benefits of the flower, but it's those faking their illnesses to have their cake and smoke it too that attract the most attention, almost always in a negative light.

There is a second psilocybin magic mushroom bill introduced in the statehouse also, but its aim is less decriminalization and more focused on clinical use.

Time will tell if the snozzberries really do taste like snozzberries.

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