For the last couple of years, the growth that Lawton has seen in terms of new and additional businesses has had a focus in and around midtown. Cache and Sheridan, Gore and Sheridan, even Gore and Lee Boulevard is growing. It's been a good thing for the community, but also, developments out west and east seemed to slow while middle-Lawton got a little time to shine... but that trend may be turning once again.

I'm not sure how long it's been vacant, but I know I've been driving by the once-gas station on the Southwest corner of 53rd and Cache Road for at least a decade. It's a cool, tiny old place where you could envision someone pulling up and paying the full-service attendant 52¢ a gallon to fill'er up.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Last summer there was a fury of activity in that space. While it's hard to find out what's going on in the seven seconds it takes to drive past it, I'm guessing the remediation efforts to remove the old petrol tanks were taking place. At least, that's the only reason I could see for an excavator to dig a big deep hole in the parking lot... Still not sure, but it trends logic.

I noticed yesterday that a big sign had been plastered over the real-estate information there, this will be the newest location for White Buffalo Coffee Bar.

As a proud West-Sider, I'm excited to see my part of the town start to grow again. Especially because it annoys everyone that moved to the Eastside thinking it was somehow better...

Yeah, I said it... You can't elect to move to a product, entertainment, and food desert then complain about the lack of stuff out there. You chose your side of town, live with it.

While I'm not a fancy coffee snob... I'm a k-cup and creamer kind of guy... one has to wonder what kind of competition this will lead to out West.

The OG Starbucks is just a mile-ish East of this location, Stripes is across the street, there's an omelet/breakfast bar half a block West, a coffee shop at Anderson Pharmacy up the road a little further, an EZGO with their fancy coffee machine, another Stripes, and another Starbucks out on 82nd...

All the same, when I think about it, being at one of the busiest residential entrances/exits in town, this White Buffalo Coffee Bar location might be perched to reign supreme in the convenient game. Genius.

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