Here's the thing, our roads are incredibly bad in Lawton. Not the worst I've driven on in an Oklahoma municipality, but there's really no excuse for a town our size to be as bad as it really is.

Politician after politician has promised to fix our roads. It's probably the number one campaign issue each wins their election on. We've even voted on bonds twice under the guise of getting new roads, yet here we are still begging the federal and state governments to subsidize road projects Lawtonians have already agreed to pay for.

Where is the money?

Surely all of this funded money isn't disappearing into an unpopular mall project...

The City of Lawton has and maintains roughly 5,000 roads within city limits. If you asked each of our 90k-ish residents which one was the worst, you'd likely get 4,998 different answers. Fortunately, I asked the question a few weeks ago and we finally reached a point the voting slowed down enough to compile answers.

Lawton's Worst Roads As Voted By You

Roads have always been a hot topic in Lawton. The local government always promises to fix them when elections are at stake, but the improvements never come. It's more of the same crumbling roads and bandaid patches due to what the city describes as "too little funding," even though we continually vote for bonds to satisfy these issues.

Here are the worst commonly used roads in Lawton as voted by you.

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