If you haven't seen the leaked iPhone 5 commercial yet, check it out! We recently obtained this video from industry insiders and sources who wish to remain anonymous. Obviously this leaked video could cause someone their job. To ensure their efforts in getting this to us weren't in vain, watch the video!

The all new Apple iPhone 5 revealed!

Okay so it was a joke. A pretty funny one in my opinion, not to mention fairly accurate!

Everyone's certainly excited about the new iPhone 5 and hoping it'll be out sometime this winter, possibly by November if not sooner. Even though I'm not exactly the smart phone type, I appreciate the technology and all the amazing things these phones can do. I'm certainly not the most technologically advanced person I know, not even close. As a matter of fact my first encounter with a smart phone was this past weekend. I recently bought my wife an iPhone for our anniversary. She's the techno dweeb of the family and loves all the new stuff and phones.

As much as I hate to admit it the iPhone sure came in handy over the weekend as we ran around Oklahoma City. Did you know there's a G.P.S app that will give you turn by turn directions to any destination? It was news to me! Told you I'm a little behind the times.

After my experience this past weekend and using the iPhone I'm seriously reconsidering my flip phone. Maybe, just maybe I'll get a smart phone. We'll see what the iPhone 5 really has to offer.

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