I consider myself extremely lucky to live on a block with such cool neighbors. We know each other, talk to each other often, text and call when things are happening, and look after one another when bad weather strikes. I've never had cool neighbors like this before.

Recently some of my neighbors texted me about a car sitting out in front of my house. The car was running, the driver was just chilling, and none of us knew who it was.

It was pretty late at night and the fact we live in the criminals' paradise of Lawton had us all looking out the windows in curiosity.

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As the text conversations went on, I actually walked outside to meet my across-the-street neighbor in the front yard. He had just lost a mailbox to some hooligans out joyriding, so he was on high alert. We started a conversation about how annoying it is to have someone park in front of your house or behind your driveway.

Is it legal?

Yes. It is 100% legal for anyone to park anywhere want to on a public street as long as they're not breaking any laws--like blocking a driveway or parking too close to a stop sign, etc...


Is it annoying?

Mildly, especially in a town with a crime rate as high as Lawton's.

The reactions from renters and homeowners are almost the same as it was living way out in the country. I have relatives that lived on roads so rarely traveled, if a strange vehicle drove past their house, they'd chase 'em down and ask them why they were on that road.

Getting or giving the old third degree is still common in the country, especially during hunting season. If they don't recognize the vehicle, they're calling the law because you're obviously out to do no good...


Is there anything you can do about it legally?

Yes and no. If you live on a public street, they have the same right as you to park their vehicle where the law allows... but in most municipalities across the country, including most in Oklahoma, if a strange vehicle has been parked in front of your home for over 24 hours, you can have it towed if you really want to be a Karen about it.

It's something you'd have to contact your city officials to find out about.

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