One of the top resolutions every year, after losing weight and being a better person is to save more money.  Who doesn't need more money than they had last year, right?  There are so many tips and tricks to saving money, so how do you choose?

I started the 52 week challenge a couple of years ago, and did really well, until I needed to lend some money to someone that never paid me back.  It was really easier than I thought it would be.  Here's how it works: Week one, save $1, Week two, $2 and so on.  It works really well until you get to week 30 or so and it takes real commitment to keep it going. The end result is worth it. You could save $1380.00 by the last week of the year! I'm willing to try again, but this time, I've found a website that give me options to make it work for me! You can also download your own saving sheet there as well!

For example, you can save in random order!  Say, you come into a sum of money and want to mark off some of those high dollar squares, do it!  Or if you want to do it in reverse, starting with week 52, that's ok too.  Maybe you get your income tax return and can mark off several weeks, do it.  Another option is to automate your savings.  Open an account that is just for savings.  You can manually transfer money to that account, or set up a direct deposit.  I also like the idea of taking the end goal, and just divide it up by the 12 months.  Deposit $115 each month and you will succeed just like you were saving every week.

I'm more of a hands on girl.  I'll use the cash method.  Putting money in the jar each, randomly for ease, but all 52 weeks will be done this year. The location of said jar will be in an undisclosed location known only to Dakota and me.  Good luck savers, you can do it!  What have you got to lose?

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