Every musician knows the difficulties of the dingy bar scene when you’ve first starting out. Just getting people to look up from their drinks is a task of its own, but Like a Storm came up with a brilliant tactic in their early years, which turned into a signature part of their sound.

Growing up in New Zealand and often making trips to see family in Australia, frontman Chris Brooks became fascinated with the didjeridoo, a 1,500-year-old wind instrument created by the aboriginal Australian people. Having learned to play the instrument at a young age, Brooks immediately got apathetic bar crowds’ attention by busting out the giant "didge" at the beginning of Like a Storm’s sets, reeling them in from that moment on.

Like a Storm now play the didjeridoo for crowds all over the world, so when we caught up with Brooks at this year’s Rock on the Range, we asked about the instrument and got an exclusive tutorial. Chris took us through the basics of the didjeridoo, starting with the tough-enough task of getting its basic sound by creating a seal with your mouth and vibrating your lips.

Brooks goes on to demonstrate the high whooshing sounds of the "didge" and even how to make bird noises with the instrument. If you’re daring enough to attempt circular breathing, Brooks gives you the essentials on that technique as well. Check it out in the exclusive clip above!

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