Limp Bizkit played their first show of 2021 yesterday (July 15) and did so without drummer John Otto. In his place at the Indiana concert was Marilyn Manson drummer Brand Pertzborn, who also plays in Ho99O9 and Black Flag.

The reason for Otto's absence at The Pavilion at Wolf Lake Memorial Park in Hammond, Indiana, was not given and the performance was one of two scheduled for this week before the nu-metal legends' summer tour with Spiritbox launches later in July.

Although Bizkit's lineup has largely been in flux throughout their quarter century-plus career, Otto has been among the most reliable of members, only missing a very brief stints. It remains to be seen if Pertzborn, who also has experience playing live with Suicidal Tendencies in addition to a 2015 through 2017 stretch as the drummer for Misfits guitarist Doyle's namesake solo band.

The 18-song set not only included several of Limp Bizkit's biggest hits, but a wealth of covers (Ministry, DMX, Pantera, Cypress Hill, The White Stripes, House of Pain) and snippets of iconic rock and metal tracks as well.

See the complete set (via and a performance clip of set-closer "Take a Look Around" below. To see Limp Bizkit's upcoming tour dates, head here.

Limp Bizkit, Set List — July 15, 2021

01. "Hot Dog"
02. "Thieves" (Ministry cover, short version)
03. "My Generation"
04. "Livin' It Up"
05. "Party Up (Up in Here)" (DMX cover)
06. "Insane in the Brain" (Cypress Hill cover)
07. "Walk" (Pantera cover)
08. "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)" (w/ Guns N' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" snippet as intro)
09. "Gold Cobra"
10. "Nookie"
11. "Full Nelson"
12. "Seven Nation Army" (The White Stripes cover)
13. "Jump Around" (House of Pain cover, Fred, DJ Lethal, and Sam Rivers)
14. "My Way"
15. "Break Stuff" (w/ Metallica "Master of Puppets" snippet as intro)
16. "Behind Blue Eyes" (The Who cover, Durst + DJ Lethal only, abbreviated)
17. "Boiler"
18. "Take a Look Around"

Limp Bizkit, "Take a Look Around" Live in Hammond, Indiana — July 15, 2021

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