Limp Bizkit are legendary trolls. Here’s damn near 20 years worth of trolling moments from the resurgent nu-metal favorites.

Fred Durst is teaching rock stars how to age gracefully. With “Dad Vibes” Durst captivating the masses in 2021, Limp Bizkit performed a set at Lollapalooza that’ll be remembered as one for the ages. Durst had the time of his life onstage at Lolla, joking that all drinks were free following Bizkit’s set and lambasting the crowd for being too aggressive after chanting the word “fuck.”

Remember when Fred Durst completely trolled Tom Green on his own web-o-vision show? With a giant pair of old man glasses and a salt-and-pepper beard, Durst threw on a thick southern accent and essentially pretended to have severe brain damage for the entire episode. He repeated himself ad nauseam, spoke about his love for mustard, and even gave Slipknot a bizarre shout out.

Of course we couldn’t forget about Wes Borland. In the middle of a TV interview, Borland ran into frame and began to wrap himself in while tape like a mummy. Like a raving lunatic, he screamed Fred’s name and threw himself on the ground as Durst played the straight man. Luckily, Mini Me from Austin Powers was on-hand to keep things controlled.

Check out this compilation of Limp Bizkit’s Greatest Trolling Moments in the Loud List below.

Limp Bizkit's Greatest Trolling Moments

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