Cute kids singing on YouTube are a dime a dozen. Usually these patooties, however, are polished little stage demons looking for fame. It's true, admit it. But sometimes one comes along -- like this darling who sings Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros tune "Home" with her dad -- for a few reasons:

  1. She actually sings like a little girl.
  2. She genuinely looks like she's having fun.
  3. She obviously loves her daddy.
  4. She calmly rests her elbow on her daddy's guitar.
  5. She asks around the 1:50 moment "One day I'm going to whistle?" [faint]

Caution: Sending this to your mother can result in many "When are you giving me grandchildren?" questions.

[Watch more of their work on the father's YouTube page -- especially her "Rudolph" rap]

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