While you're very much advised against eating them, the new generation of lunkers are coming along nicely in area lakes. Surveying is being done to help manage and encourage population growth throughout the Wichita Mountain lakes, Lawtonka, Ellesworth, etc... in hopes that fishing, for sport only (because fish is practically a vegetable), returns to the glory days activity it has been for so long.

The best part about fishing is, you don't have to know what you're doing to go out and do it. I've fished my entire life, and in all that time on the water I've learned one thing is absolutely true... It doesn't matter what you toss out in the water, something will bite it. We've fished with dog food, neon pink and camo lures, bottle caps, and literally bare gold hooks. Fish are naturally inquisitive and, well, stupid. They'll bite anything.

Another great thing about fishing is, it's really cheap to get into as a hobby. You can pop into Academy or Walmart and pick up a rod and reel combo and enough tackle to get you on the water for just under $20. Granted, it's also really easy to spend a ton of money on if you want... I've got far more tied up in my rods and reels than I care to talk about, but you don't need high end stuff especially as you're considering it a new hobby. Boats are nice too, but you don't have to have one. I fish mostly at the mountain lakes that are only accessible by foot. And while I haven't caught any monsters yet, I seem to always hook into something.

Even if you've never been, invest twenty bucks in some real basic gear and go try. Live bait is cheap, fish almost always bite it, and you never know if you'll reel in a two ounce tiny perch or a monster catfish. Just take the advice of every state official... Don't eat the fish around Fort Sill.

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