Thanks to all the fans who watched our video, shared our video and made their own video yelling "SLAYER!," Loudwire's #ScreamForJeff campaign was a huge success. To celebrate your participation, we're proud to share just a small percentage of the many Jeff Hanneman memorial videos posted online by Slayer superfans (watch below).

Our goal was a massive one. On May 2, we wanted not one second to pass without someone in the world screaming 'SLAYER!' or hearing someone else scream 'SLAYER!'. According to YouTube analytics, an average of 22 minutes of our initial #ScreamForJeff video was watched every minute on May 2. Add that statistic on top of the hundreds of clips filmed and watched by fans, and we can accurately claim that the worldwide echo chamber of 'SLAYER!' screams remained constant!!!

We can't thank you enough for making this campaign successful. Check out some of the fine work filmed by Slayer fans worldwide!

Watch Fans Participate in Loudwire's  #ScreamForJeff Slayer Campaign


Never forget Jeff Hanneman and never stop screaming 'SLAYER!'

Check out Loudwire's Original #ScreamForJeff Campaign Video:

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