The conversation about minimum wage has historically been a quiet one across Oklahoma. When talked about in circles over the years, the usual concerns pop up. Everything from the future of family farming to the potential effects higher wages could have on everyday things like groceries.

Skip forward to the here and now, everything including groceries are way up and yet wages have stayed down.

Many in the state are looking to boost Oklahoma's minimum wage through State Question 832, but as with all legislation, it'll be a slow process.

My own curiosity has me peeking at who pays the least in the state, and while I'm positive there are lower-paying jobs - remembering my own farm hand days -  here are the lowest average pay rates you'll find at some of Oklahoma's largest corporately controlled employers. Granted, the instant reaction from most will be something along the lines of "Well, these aren't meant as career jobs..." but after three years of wrecked economy, better pay for any and everyone is something every American can get behind.

Oklahoma's Lowest Paying Corporations

In no particular order, because it's hard to assign actual rankings without peeking at the books, here are the lowest-paying corporate businesses across the Sooner State.

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Here Are Oklahoma's Top 10 Okies

There's a trend floating around social media where people are listing their top Americans from history. A lot of them are based in the meme fashion, but others are indisputable. It has me thinking about who the greatest Oklahomans of all time might be. Here's a solid list we all agreed on.

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Restaurants That Could Soon Expand Into and Across Oklahoma

While the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still lingering in most of everyday American life, a ton of restaurants are on the upswing in 2024. While most famously had issues before the pandemic, the country is back on the build and more than a few beloved brands are looking to expand in states where they've either failed in the past or haven't been yet.

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Personal Crimes on the Rise in Oklahoma

Here's the rundown on the most common personal crimes that are on the rise in the Sooner State.

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Oklahomans According to A.I.

While you might not think Oklahoma was so viral on the web, there are hundreds of solid Sooner State-based TikTok accounts and creators out there. Most of them are associated with the #FarmTok tag, a fair amount of Lord Farquad-looking teens tossing slushies on their squatted trucks, but also a handful of standouts. Accounts like OklahomaViews - whose mission seems to be creating epic OK content until they go viral. Let's see if we can make that happen.

Here is what A.I. thinks Oklahomans look like around the state.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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