Machine Gun Kelly proves his pop-punk grit with each successive track on Tickets to My Downfall, the latest effort from the rap-turned-rock star. That stylistic choice gets fully embodied on "Body Bag," a new song featuring fellow rockers Yungblud and the Used's Bert McCracken from Tickets' deluxe variant.

The number was initially teased back in January, with MGK sharing a video from the studio with McCracken. On the resultant tune, downtrodden yet catchy lyrics ride a bouncy wave of emo-rock energy. In keeping with the pop-punk canon, the song also samples Fall Out Boy's unforgettable "Dance, Dance," as Kelly pointed on Twitter. The sample was made possible from a last-minute clearance by FOB's Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump.

On the so-called "Sold Out" Deluxe Edition of Tickets to My Downfall, "Body Bag" joins other exclusive tracks such as Kelly's cover of Paramore's classic "Misery Business" and an acoustic version of "Bloody Valentine."

The musician recently spoke about his musical pivot and the offhand approach he took to recording the album. Listen to "Body Bag" down toward the bottom of this post.

"There was no plan," Kelly told Zane Lowe on Apple Music. "I could've did 'Rap Devil' Part 2, to be honest, but it turned out to be 'Bloody Valentine.' I think my hunger is always going to push me to get respect where there is none. That was what had happened with Hotel Diablo and with 'Rap Devil,' the respect came with that. I was seeing that in the live music area and in Warped Tour and stuff in particular, and just the scene that I had grown up in."

Tickets to My Downfall has had quite the path to completion. Last year, Machine Gun Kelly promised to release a "rock album in 2020." Then, the idea came to fruition in songs such as "Why Are You Here," not to mention the hotly anticipated guest spots and help from Blink-182's Travis Barker.

But the effort hit an unexpected artwork snag before release. The planned cover art was apparently "copied from a photo [MGK's camp] do not own," which the musician made clear when he apologized to the artist. However, a new cover was quickly substituted so as not to delay the album.

That said, Machine Gun Kelly will celebrate the release with a pair of livestream concerts in October, performing both Tickets to My Downfall and 2019's Hotel Diablo in full. Online passes for both shows are on sale now.

Listeners can go here to grab the Deluxe Edition of Tickets to My Downfall.

Machine Gun Kelly feat. Yungblud + Bert McCracken (The Used), "Body Bag"

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