AEW wrestler Malakai Black (formerly known as Aleister Black in WWE) debuted his metal af entrance last night (Aug. 4). On the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Black entered to Amenra’s “Ogentroost” while wearing a skull mask with antlers.

Black signed with AEW almost immediately after being cut from WWE earlier this year. The news sent wrestling fans into a frenzy as they imagined the possibilities of Black with greater creative freedom. The self-professed “black metal of professional wrestling” got to live his newest creation last night, entering to Amenra in a cloak of fog and darkness.

The wrestler emerged from the AEW tunnel into a completely blackened arena. Cryptic black-and-white images filled the tron as the wrestler slowly made his way to the ring, removing his skull-with-horns mask as he sat in the center of the canvas.

While getting tattooed by dark surrealist legend Paul Booth, Black explained the inspiration for his old WWE character. “When Lucifer was cast out of heaven, did he vow to take revenge on God’s creation? Did he vow to take revenge on his father? Did he create hell and all its demons? Did he vow to destroy and tempt man into destruction and into the eternal fires of hell? I believe he did, but I believe the first thing he did was cry, because he was just a son trying to get his father’s love,” Black said.

“I found that such an interesting take on such a tragic character, because Aleister Black, to an extent, is the Devil. I feel like that moment from when he went from complete sadness to complete anger — that little split second is exactly where I based Aleister Black on.”

Watch Malakai Black’s first AEW entrance below and catch him on the TNT network every Wednesday (and Friday beginning Aug. 13).

Watch Malakai Black's Epic First AEW Entrance | AEW Dynamite: Homecoming, 8/4/21

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