What has 100 balls and screws old ladies? This guy.

Bingo brings out the worst in humanity. The competitive thrill of shouting “BINGO!” when finding out you’ve won is unlike any feeling known to man. Elderly men and women bask in the glory of playing and winning this game but the fact that a western Pennsylvania man cheated, claimed to have bingo and collected the prize jackpot while playing at Mary Mother of Hope’s parish hall about an hour outside of Pittsburgh is downright right despicable.

The lying, cheating, stealing bingo player cashed out the $400 jackpot before the workers at the parish hall had checked his card to confirm that he actually won. So there is some culpability on their part.

Once the error was detected, the cops were called and then dispatched to the thief’s home. He was faced with the choice of accepting a theft charge or returning the money. He chose the latter.  The man’s identity was withheld since he returned the $400.

The moral of this story –  With the possibility of winning $400, we’ve got to start going to bingo.

[Via WGAL]