A man eating at the Heart Attack Grill restaurant, whose tagline is ‘ Taste Worth Dying For,’  suffered a heart attack while dining on a “triple bypass burger” on Saturday.

The man, in his 40s, was attended to by medical personnel who were called to the restaurant’s location in downtown Las Vegas by Heart Attack Grill owner, ‘Doctor’ Jon Basso, who unsurprisingly is NOT a doctor. The man is reportedly recovering. Of course, this being the digital age, bystanders took amateur video of the man as EMTs were helping him out of the Heart Attack Grill. (Watch the video below.)

“I actually felt horrible for the gentleman because the tourists were taking photos of him as if it were some type of stunt. Even with our own morbid sense of humor, we would never pull a stunt like that,” Basso said.

Once referred to in an ABC News story (about the death of its 575-pound spokesperson) as ‘a hospital-themed Hooters,’ the Heart Attack Grill offers customers hospital gowns as part of its dining experience and labels its food as ‘bad for your health.’ The restaurant also requires its female servers to dress as nurses.

Additionally, customers weighing over 350 pounds eat for free. Flatliner Fries, and Butterfat Milkshakes, are on the menu, as are the single-, double-, triple- and quadruple-bypass burgers.

One can’t help but wonder if, in the event this man knew he was going to have such a literal restaurant experience, he wished he had gone to In-N-Out-Burger.

[Via Fox 5]

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