It's March Madness, and we're ranking the stuff that really matters -- animals, cartoons, retro snacks and memes.

This is it – the Final Round!

The charming mischief and boundless enthusiasm of 'The Animaniacs' prevailed over the everyman charm of one Mr. Doug Funnie. It’s okay, man—you had a good run. Patti Mayonnaise should still be impressed. 'South Park' would never have caught on had 'The Simpsons' not already paved the way for crude, rude cartoon kids. The original is apparently still the favorite in our voters’ hearts, as 'The Simpsons' moves on to the final round.

So who's ready for the FINAL ROUND??

TheFW 90s Cartoon Characters ROUND 4_Small
Christine Gritmon


It’s Yakko vs. Bart, Wakko vs. Maggie and Lisa vs. Dot -- which brand of animated childish exuberance will we choose to best represent '90s cartoons for posterity?

VOTE BELOW, and help us determine the ultimate 90s Cartoon Characters!

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