As a hip-hop producer, his tag is "Where the fuck is Mario Judah?," but right now you're probably thinking "Who the fuck is Mario Judah?" Well, his new song "Time To Rock" and its accompanying music video will give you an idea of how the new performer blends hard rock, metal and hip-hop with plenty of theatrical flair.

"It's Time To Rock," which also features fellow up-and-comer Tes X, is just the latest of Judah's tracks that combine hip-hop beats with rock-inspired vocals.

Like the singer's other music videos, this one is filled with gory horror elements, including skulls, blood and an abandoned mental institution. You can check it out for yourself down below.

Why should you care about this viral hip-hop newcomer? Beyond his aesthetic, his appreciation for rock is real, and it's actually rock and metal musicians that helped him find his voice.

"...when I started producing, I was trying to replicate the kind of beats Chief Keef and them were rapping over. I thought they were the hardest beats in the world," Judah told Complex in an interview. "And the inspiration for the rock vocals came from Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, and Pantera. Legends. Those are the three bands that resonated with me and helped inspire the vocal sound for Mario Judah."

This unique style can also be heard on his tracks "Crush" and "Die Very Rough." The latter song inspired an explosion of memes, one comparing his vocal style to a Disney villain.

Judah's penchant for theatricality has allowed the singer to go viral on multiple occasions, which has earned him kudos from hip-hop heavy hitters such as Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd and DaBaby.  But Judah also hopes to get recognition in the rock world.

When asked who he hopes to collaborate with in 2021, he told Complex, "...on the rock side, I've got to work with Breaking Benjamin. I've got to work with Five Finger Death Punch. I've got to work with all types of rock bands. I've got to work with Marilyn Manson."

Only time will tell if Judah will make waves in rock the way he has in hip-hop, but in the meantime you check out "Time To Rock" below.

Mario Judah and Tes X, "It's Time To Rock" Music Video

Mario Judah and Tes X, "It's Time To Rock" Single Art

Mario Judah Time To Rock artwork


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