It looks like the annual Mayhem Festival may be coming to an end after all. With low attendance for 2015's tour and rumors swirling that Mayhem would be retired after this year's edition, co-founder John L. Reese called this the last Mayhem ever in a new Facebook post.

Sadly, the 2015 Mayhem Festival may be remembered more for its controversy than the music itself. After festival co-founder Kevin Lyman's claim that "metal got gray, bald and fat" along with a constant slew of insults flung the fest's direction by Slayer guitarist Kerry King, the eighth year of Mayhem has been a hotbed of controversy.

With the tour coming to an end last night (Aug. 2) in Dallas, John L. Reese posted two commentaries on Facebook that point to the death of Mayhem:

There's been no word from Kevin Lyman yet, but stay tuned as new info on the Mayhem Festival breaks.

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