Well… seems like we’re back to square one with Tool’s new album. Maynard James Keenan has just shot down Danny Carey’s claim of an April release date for the insanely anticipated record.

We saw this happen back in 2013, when Carey said Tool’s fifth studio album would be out in early 2014, if not late 2013. Maynard slapped down the quote and was obviously correct. Tool also aimed for a 2018 release at one point, but plans were pushed back to tighten up some of the longer songs Tool have been concocting.

Carey told a fan at NAMM 2019 that Tool’s fifth album would be out in mid-April and new visualizer graphics even appeared on Tool’s official website. With just one word, however, Keenan dashed fans’ hopes:

Back to new album purgatory we go! Whether or not a new album is out in the spring, Tool will tour parts of the U.S. in May before heading to Europe in June.

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