You may think that trout fishing is the traditional type of pure Americana that requires a ton of really expensive gear. I get it. I go overboard from time to time too. But you don't need that thousand dollar bamboo fly rod to catch a trout. You really just need, well, a fishing rod. Spinning reels (Okies call 'em open face reels) are probably the most budget friendly and effective piece of gear you can use for trout. And with the right bait, you're in the meat.

That all being said, I've never been trout fishing... but it does sound interesting. Around here, you're not going to get that picturesque rocking stream to wade out in while you chase the fish, but with a comfy camp chair, it should keep you entertained for a few hours.

If you're the type that wants to try, but can't figure out Google or YouTube, you can always stop by a few places locally to get some solid advice.
Cache Creek Fly Shop
Little Dam Bait Shop
Cache Road Ice Dock

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