Megadeth have made it official. After previously serving as a member of the band in the mid-2000s and then stepping back in last year after David Ellefson's exit, James LoMenzo is back as a permanent member of the group.

The official designation came Tuesday (May 31) in a statement that read, "Megadeth announce bass player James LoMenzo as a permanent member of the band. LoMenzo was Megadeth’s bass player in the mid-2000s and recently stepped back in as a touring member for The Metal Tour of the Year. LoMenzo now officially rejoins the Megadeth family."

Dave Mustaine offered, “I am thrilled to welcome back James to the Megadeth family. James rejoined the fold as the touring bassist and it’s been a blast having him back, we thought let’s make it permanent.”

LoMenzo commented, “I’m so excited to rejoin Megadeth and move forward full steam into the next phase of this iconic band's history! With Dave, Kiko and Dirk there’s no stopping us! It just feels great to be home again.”

LoMenzo's return to the touring lineup was first revealed in early August of 2021, with the bassist making his live return official at the Aug. 20 tour kickoff at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater in Austin, Texas.

LoMenzo initially wasn't going to be available for the gig, but as he revealed, John Fogerty, who has employed the bassist for the last nine years, allowed him to take time off to do so.

“Dave’s management reached out at first to see if I’d even be available, which I really wasn’t, but after a call with Dave I realized how important for Megadeth and even for myself this would be," LoMenzo revealed last September. "Time was ticking, so I knew it would be a crunch, but having been here once before the re-learning curve was a tad less steep. I made some arrangements with the Fogerty camp, and they were gracious enough to allow me a leave to do this.”

Since that time, LoMenzo finished the first leg of touring, then returned earlier this year for the second leg of the run. Now comes word that he'll continue permanently with the band.

While LoMenzo has been part of the touring lineup, it's not expected that he'll be part of the band's highly anticipated next album. After Ellefson's exit, Megadeth re-recorded the bass parts for the album and Mustaine has already revealed that Steve DiGiorgio handled those recordings. LoMento's first album with the band was 2007's United Abominations. He also appeared on the Endgame album as well over his four years in the band.

Megadeth will spend June in Europe on tour before returning stateside in August to kick off a run of dates with Five Finger Death Punch. Get ticketing info and see all their stops here.

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