Oklahoma City was plagued with bad luck last night (July 16) as Megadeth's Gigantour 2013 was severely affected by extreme weather issues. Intense rain and lightning forced Device to skip their set, but that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg. Shortly before Megadeth were set to take the stage, a bolt of lightning struck an Oklahoma City transformer, cutting power to the Zoo Amphitheatre entirely.

According to Antiquiet, fans who attended the outdoor Gigantour date were treated to sets from Death Division, Newsted and Hellyeah, but before Device went on, a massive amount of rain soaked both the fans and the equipment onstage. Due to the rainfall, the crew removed Device's equipment from the stage while waiting for the storm to settle down.

David Draiman tweeted about the unfortunate cancellation last night:

Despite the cancellation of Device's set,
Black Label Society were able to perform their full show. While Black Label Society's gear was being cleared from the Gigantour stage, a freak lightning strike blew up a city transformer. After a 45-minute wait for the power to come back on, venue security broke the bad news that Megadeth would not be performing. Megadeth frontman
Dave Mustaine tweeted:

Proceeds from tickets sold for the Oklahoma City Gigantour will be given to the Oklahoma Food Bank in order to help tornado victims.

Meanwhile, during Saturday's show in Texas, Device's David Draiman joined Megadeth for the first performance of the now ironically titled 'Dance in the Rain,' a track Draiman contributed to on Megadeth's latest album, 'Super Collider.' Check out video of that performance below:

David Draiman Joins Megadeth for 'Dance in the Rain'

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