Boy, do we miss concerts — not just for the music but for metalheads like these. A wholesome af video is currently circulating on Facebook, showing a group of Killswitch Engage fans teaching a young girl how to throw down in the pit.

We’ve all met that dick in the pit who’s all elbows and spin kicks, indiscriminately injuring people and discouraging young and vertically challenged humans to join in. During this muddy Killswitch concert, however, PMA was the mood of the day.

One young metalhead looked to be having the time of her life in the pit, while fully grown men were offering their shoulders as tribute for the girl to charge into. While Killswitch Engage played their Disarm the Descent single “In Due Time,” the girl bounced like a boxer while slamming into fellow metalcore fans.

The fans even picked her up to increase her shoulder checking power and held her hand while running through the human mud cyclone. She surely made memories that’ll last a lifetime, so we’d like to tip our hat to these generous and gentle metalheads. You’re a credit to the community.

Check out the full video below.

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