Eddie Munson was a popular Halloween costume this year, thanks to the popularity of Stranger Thingsfourth season that was released over the summer. The character was such a hit that Metallica's James Hetfield even dressed up as him for Halloween.

There've been many ties between Metallica and Stranger Things over the last few months since the fourth season of the show became available on Netflix, and it all started when Munson shredded along to "Master of Puppets" during the finale. Because of that one scene, the song went viral on TikTok — which created a whole new generation of Metallica fans — entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the very first time and received a few other accolades as well.

Metallica showed their appreciation for the show in a variety of ways, such as making their own TikTok jamming to "Master of Puppets" alongside Munson, paid homage to the character during festival performances and teamed up with the show for an exclusive line of merchandise. But, if you thought they'd had enough, you thought wrong.

Hetfield revealed his Eddie Munson Halloween costume yesterday on Metallica's social media, and the outfit consisted of a dark wig, a denim jacket with a Hellfire Club shirt underneath, jeans and high-top sneakers. Of course, he threw up the good 'ole horns and stuck his tongue out too, just as Munson did in a particular scene in the show.

Check out the photo below, and see a list of other rockers' Halloween costumes from the last few days at this location. Only 364 more days until we get to do it all over again!

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