Metallica producer Bob Rock has admitted that he initially "didn't get" the group's classic 1991 single "Enter Sandman." The record-maker helmed the tune's parent album as well as a handful of the band's subsequent efforts.

But that doesn't mean he was always on the same page with Metallica members, especially when it came to picking the record's first single. Although "Enter Sandman" did end up as Metallica's lead single, Rock didn't at first envision it as such. Watch him explain why in the video toward the bottom of this post.

"I remember Lars [Ulrich] saying, 'Well, "Sandman" is the single,'" Rock told GibsonTV, as transcribed by Guitar World. "And I'm going, 'What?' To me it was like, I didn't get it yet. Because all the lyrics weren't there."

The producer continued. "I was thinking 'Holier Than Thou,' only because that kind of energy was up-tempo and that kind of works for me. What do I know? It ended up being 'Sandman' – obviously a good choice."

Three years ago, Rock also remembered his time making Metallica albums. However, he admitted that some aspects of the recording process were challenging. After "The Black Album," he also produced the group's Load and Reload, in addition to both co-producing and playing bass on 2003's St. Anger.

"It's a huge part of my life," the producer described back in 2017. "I spent 15 years with those guys. I couldn't have worked with a better band. It was difficult, but when you're in a place that's not comfortable, you do your best work. Clearly it's some of my best work."

Rock isn't the only metal veteran who's been talking to GibsonTV. Last month, Tony Iommi told the guitar company's video outpost about the time Black Sabbath auditioned Michael Bolton to be the band's lead singer.

"Icons: Bob Rock" Interview on GibsonTV - Jan. 7, 2020

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