Ministry have always had a strong social conscious and now they're putting it to use in order to inspire Americans to get to the voting polls this November. Frontman Al Jourgensen is launching a voting campaign, attempting to get more people registered to vote in advance of the presidential election.

Ministry's most recent album was the AmeriKKKant record, with Jourgensen stating, “When AmeriKKKant was first being developed, the album was a direct response to waking up to shock and panic the day after Trump was officially elected. Now, four years later these songs take on new meaning as we get rid of the Mango Moron. Vote this November like your life depends on it, because this time it really does!”

Jourgensen is encouraging those who are currently unregistered to vote to visit a Ministry related voting site that will take you through a few simple steps to do so. Once that's completed, Al has asked that you take a screenshot of your confirmation page and email it to along with your mailing address.

For those already registered to vote, "Uncle Al" wants to get you involved too. He's asked that you join the national #SaveOurStages campaign urging Congress to provide funding to help independent music venues survive the current pandemic-related closures. You're asked to visit the Save Our Stages website, sign the online petition and/or make a donation to the cause. Like the voter registration task, Jourgensen asks that you take a screen shot of your confirmation page and email it to his address along with your mailing address. Those completing one task or the other will then be eligible to receive some autographed memorabilia from the Ministry leader. He asks that you send only one email per person.

In anticipation for the election, Jourgensen and Ministry have compiled a new Spotify playlist titled "The Soundtrack to Your Election." It includes 30 powerful cuts with some of Jourgensen's favorites along with Ministry's recently released new rallying cry "Alert Level" along with selections from the AmeriKKKant album. Listen to it here and pick up AmeriKKKant at this location.

Meanwhile, Jourgensen is currently back in the studio working on a new record. Stay tuned to see what comes out of the most recent studio sessions.

Courtesy of Ministry
Courtesy of Ministry

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