Your mission if you choose to accept it: save ‘Mission: Impossible 5’ from being trampled by ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ at the box office. Mission complete. While ‘Mission: Impossible 5’ was originally set to open this Christmas, just one week after the juggernaut that is ‘Star Wars’, Paramount has wisely thought this over and moved the new Ethan Hunt adventure up to July.

‘Mission: Impossible 5’ will now open on July 31 against ‘Point Break’ and Jake Gyllenhaal’s boxing movie ‘Southpaw’—both probably very fine and nice movies; neither a ‘Star Wars’ movie. To make room, Paramount has pushed ‘Monster Trucks’, a movie about monster trucks, to Christmas, because when you think of Christmas, you think of movies about anthropomorphic trucks.

It never really made much sense to open up the fifth installment in the increasingly popular ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise seven days after the new ‘Star Wars’ movie, especially when you considering J.J. Abrams is behind both movies (he’s directing ‘The Force Awakens’ and producing ‘M:I5’). The only real question is why it took this long to pull the trigger.

Not much is known about the plot of ‘Mission: Impossible 5’, but it will reunite Tom Cruise with ‘Ghost Protocol’ stars Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames. Christopher McQuarrie, who last worked with Cruise on ‘Jack Reacher’, directs.

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