Don’t expect Modest Mouse to share a stage with Metallica any time soon — or be invited back to the next Orion Festival, for that matter.

And don’t expect band frontman Isaac Brock to be too upset about that, either — as he told the audience at their Governors Ball set on Sunday (June 24), “We played with Metallica last night. And I gotta tell you, you guys are so much more attractive — and you probably don’t still live at home.”

Brock’s outburst has understandably touched a nerve with metal writers — and it seems a little odd considering that, according to Metal Insider, Modest Mouse’s Orion set was delivered to “a polite but nonplussed crowd.” If you’re an indie rock band that hasn’t released a full-length album in five years and you can play a summer festival curated by a legendary hard rock band, and come away without being booed or having anything thrown at you, that should probably be considered a victory, right?

In any case, despite Brock’s warm feelings for the Governors Ball crowd, Modest Mouse’s set doesn’t seem to have gone over any better there; the Village Voice, which broke the story regarding Brock’s quote, lumped them into their ‘Bands Not Giving a S—/Getting Into It’ category. Here’s hoping they work up some new between-song banter between now and whenever the next record comes out.

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