Earlier this afternoon Crimestoppers of S.W. Oklahoma announced on their official Facebook page that the 29th annual Moonlight Walk Against Drugs has been postponed. Originally it was set to take place on Saturday, August 28th (08-28-21) at Elmer Thomas Park. A rescheduled date has not been announced yet.

Crimestoppers, Drug Busters of S.W. Oklahoma are considering a virtual event as a possible solution, but no other details are available at this time. So why did they postpone? They really didn't give a reason, but more than likely it's COVID-19. Or at least that seems the most likely reason.

Unfortunately the recent surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations along with the Delta variant has created another wave of the pandemic. A lot of people are concerned about public health and most event organizers would rather play it safe, than sorry. We were finally starting to get back to "normal," but now it's looking like a repeat of last year. Hopefully things will improve and we avoid another shutdown.

At this time Oklahoma ranks #9 in the nation for the number of new positive COVID-19 cases per capita and we're #5 in the country for hospitalizations. We also have the 3rd highest positivity rate in the nation per capita. The state is certainly struggling and health experts are worried, especially with school letting back in.

Doctors and health experts continue to encourage vaccinations as most of the new cases are those who are unvaccinated. While the vaccine isn't 100% it does lower your chances of getting the virus again, or one of the variants. Most vaccinated people who become reinfected or end up catching one of the variant strains have milder symptoms and the risk of hospitalization and death are much lower.

I doubt another shutdown will happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if mask mandates and social distancing didn't return. I just hope all the community happenings, concerts, sporting events and other actives don't end up getting cancelled or postponed, but even that wouldn't surprise me. All we can do is wait and see.

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