Even with some of its biggest twists already unraveled, Mr. Robot left off its first run in a tantalizing spot for Season 2, the economy in shambles after fsociety’s “Five/Nine” attack. Now, three new teasers reveal a world of work ahead, as Darlene laments not having finished Evil Corp off for good.

Entertainment Weekly revealed three new “monologue” teasers from the coming second season, one or Darlene, one for Phillip Price, and one for “Mr. Robot” himself, Christian Slater. The footage is limited, but all three drive home the point that Evil Corp is far from vanquished:

Now set for a July 13 premiere, Season 2 additions include Aasif Mandvi, Craig Robinson, Grace Gummer as Dominique (Dom) DiPierro, a young FBI field agent investigating the Evil Corp Hack, Chris Conroy as Derek, the new man in Joanna’s life, and rapper Joey Bada$$ as Leon, a new close friend of Elliot’s. Fear The Walking Dead alum Sandrine Holt, Michael Maize, Dorothi Fox and Luke Robertson have also secured guest roles.

Additionally, both Michael Cristofer and Stephanie Corneliussen have joined the cast full time, the former in his role as Evil Corp CEO Phillip Price, and the latter as Tyrell Wellick’s increasingly-frightful spouse Joanna. Ben Rappaport and Tom Riis Farrell will also return as Ollie and Bill.

More details will likely emerge in the coming weeks, so watch the first trailer again below, check out some viral promos, and stay tuned for the latest on Mr. Robot Season 2.

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