Seattle grunge pioneers Mudhoney are set to release a deluxe edition of their 1991 album Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge this summer to commemorate its 30th anniversary, and have dropped a new video to go with it. This special release will be available through their home label, Sub Pop records.

The deluxe edition will feature a remastered version of Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, a 15-track LP and CD, which includes seven previously unreleased songs, as well as a poster, photos of the band and other extras. The LPs will be on colored vinyl, and the album artwork features a new design too.

This special 30th anniversary edition of the album will be out July 23, but you can pre-order it now through Sub Pop. Pre-orders come with a streaming link that allows fans to listen to the set up to four weeks before the tangible album comes out. There's also an exclusive T-shirt to go with the album that you can purchase at this location.

See photos, the album artwork and its full track listing toward the bottom of the page.

Mark Arm formed Mudhoney in 1988 following the dissolution of Green River, which was one of Sub Pop's household bands. The EP Superfuzz Bigmuff and the single "Touch Me I'm Sick," in particular, were a commercial success for Sub Pop.

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge was the band's second studio album, and according to Steve Waksman's This Ain't the Summer of Love: Conflict and Crossover in Heavy Metal and Punk, Sub Pop co-founder Bruce Pavitt claimed that the album saved the label from "economic ruin."

Along with the announcement of the album, Sub Pop have released a new video for the remastered song "Ounce of Deception," which was a b-side to the 1991 "Let It Slide" single. Watch it below.

Mudhoney, "Ounce of Deception"

Sub Pop
Sub Pop

Mudhoney, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge 30th Anniversary Album Art + Track Listing

Sub Pop

1. Generation Genocide
2. Let It Slide
3. Good Enough
4. Something So Clear
5. Thorn
6. Into the Drink
7. Broken Hands
8. Who You Drivin’ Now?
9. Move Out
10. Shoot the Moon
11. Fuzzgun ‘91
12. Pokin’ Around
13. Don’t Fade IV
14. Check-Out Time
15. March to Fuzz
16. Ounce of Deception
17. Paperback Life (Alternate Version)
18. Fuzzbuster
19. Bushpusher Man
20. Flowers for Industry
21. Thorn (1st Attempt)
22. Overblown
23. March From Fuzz
24. You’re Gone
25. Something So Clear (24-Track Demo)
26. Bushpusher Man (24-Track Demo)
27. Pokin’ Around (24-Track Demo)
28. Check-Out Time (24-Track Demo)
29. Generation Genocide (24-Track Demo)

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