It’s been over five years since Mushroomhead released The Righteous & the Butterfly album and the group is eyeing a 2020 release for their follow-up.

Drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton recently told Rock Sins that the band is hard at work on their eighth effort and they are planning a March 2020 release. Back in October, Felton claimed the band was hoping to release the album in the spring of 2019, but now it appears the album will be released a year later than originally planned.

Felton told Rock Sins that the new album is “about 80 percent done” and “it’s just a matter of finding the right person to mix it and keep us on track for our deadlines."

The band recorded some vocals for the album at the famed Abbey Road studio in London. Felton says, “Basically, we got off the plane and got dropped off at Abbey Road, did a vocal session, then went and did our first show. That’s actually our 2nd time at Abbey Road, we did a vocal session there a year and a half ago and some of that got kept for this new record.”

He adds, “It’s pretty cool just be there, just sitting in the rooms where Dark Side of the Moon was done, where they do all the orchestras, all the soundtrack recordings, it’s crazy when you walk down the halls and see all the posters for Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones… So many, you just don’t even think of, it’s pretty crazy but awesome.”

Mushroomhead have been through many lineup changes over the past 25 years. Felton says the group is in a great place, “You know, I think, we got a really good team assembled and everyone’s got their head on straight and really focused on writing this next record.” He adds. “Definitely got a shot in the ass, signing the new deal with Napalm Records – that just happened a few months back – so excited to be part of that team on that roster. I think ultimately though, we’re way more a group of artists than we are rock stars. We’re very much addicted to the creation of things – not just the music, the masks, the stage show, just the entirety of it, we’re very much artists at heart you know?”

“Skinny” concludes that the band is planning to “finish writing and recording” before they “get to mixing.” They have a four to five-week run of shows in the States this fall, which have not been officially announced as-of-yet, before they get back to finishing the album and shooting a music video.

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