Just when you thought 'Community' ensured Chevy Chase would be out of our hair for a while and the Ed Helms continuation of National Lampoon's 'Vacation' franchise had collapsed, in comes ABC with a TV reunion of the famous road trip family's parents, Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo!

Via TVLine, ABC has tasked 'Terra Nova''s Aaron Kaplan with executive producing the single-camera TV series in the vein of 'Vacation,' likely eyed for development into the 2014-15 TV season. No writer has yet been assigned to the adaptation, and EW claims the series wouldn't necessarily connect to the 'Vacation' franchise but rather see Chase and D'Angelo as grandparents forced to raise their grandchildren.

As fans of the 'Vacation' franchise will remember, development of a new franchise iteration starring 'Hangover' vet and eternal reboot lackey Ed Helms as an elder Rusty Griswold taking his own family on vacation was on the way, before the project collapsed over creative differences. Chase and D'Angelo did at least return to the franchise for the recent notable Old Navy commercials, which parodied the films' continuity by including all the different actors to play Rusty and Audrey over the years.

We'll bring you the latest details on ABC's new 'Vacation'-esque TV series as they emerge, but what do you think? Would you rather see a new series, the elder Griswolds back in action, or the movie version with Ed Helms?

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