Looking at all of the local social media pages, it seems like some people are back to looking for jobs. Of course, in an ideal situation, good paying jobs are in high demand as the pandemic layoffs recover and the workforce is back on the upswing. The question is though, who's paying good for honest work? Last I heard, the oil fields are pretty well full, but it takes a special kind of hard worker to pull off a lasting job with those outfits, it's dangerous, and with a history of booms and busts, it's not the most steady work. I'm assuming that's why there's so many sets of 24" eight-lug wheels and tires on the marketplace today.

What if you could land an oil and gas job that paid good but remained relatively stable? While the exploration and drilling may ebb and flow, delivering the finished goods seems like a safe bet, and it's a part of that industry that is desperately looking for tank truck drivers at the moment. According to the VP of the National Tank Truck Carriers trade group, they're down so many drivers, it has experts betting there could be a national fuel shortage by mid-summer.

Something is never as valuable as when it's in high demand, and if that industry is like every other industry out there, if you have or can obtain your commercial license and start delivering fuel, you could reap some hefty rewards. Driver numbers are down 20%-25% at the moment, by the time you trained, licensed, and hired that number is bound to grow making your time and skill extra valuable. It's enough to even make me think it might be time to change career gears in a manner of speaking.

Is it hard work? Yes. Is it dangerous? Yes. But most tanker truckers are home most nights and generally make daily trips to the local refineries and suppliers to provide this service. I'm not sure where all the gasoline and diesel comes from around here, Wynnewood maybe, but good pay for a good days work is the minimum anyone can ask for any day of the week.

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