Some younger listeners might think of him as a flannel-wearing, analog-loving geezer, but Neil Young is actually pretty tech-savvy, and he demonstrated his continued willingness to experiment in the digital sphere with an hourlong Twitter chat on Wednesday (Oct. 24).

The moderated session, which found fans submitting questions via the #askneil hashtag, proved Young can trade 140-character quips as well as anyone -- when one participant asked him if Guns N' Roses' appearance at last weekend's Bridge School Benefit might lead to a collaboration with Axl Rose, Young responded, "Axl and I are doing a world tour together."

There were actually a lot of opportunities for Young to talk about other artists, including Jack White ("I like Jack White"), serial rock star collaborator Dave Grohl (asked if the two of them would work together, Young responded, "Yes, I think we will"), and which of today's up-and-coming bands he enjoys (he singled out Foster the People). He even got to take another jab at Bono, who he famously criticized for his "long-winded" speech when giving Frank Sinatra a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award -- when one fan pointed out that the U2 frontman is also a fan of Foster the People, Young cracked, "Who is Bono?"

Politics also came up -- unsurprising for the outspoken Young, who was vocal in his distaste for former president George W. Bush's policies. Perhaps hinting at more politically themed music in store, Young responded to the question of how politics have affected his songs by saying, "Ask me in two weeks."

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