As the world awaits Mastodon's next album with fevered anticipation, sparing details have come to light concerning the music. We know the record was shaved down from a double album to within the standard album length confines and that there will be a theme centering around cancer, but that's about it as the band's members have been reluctant to reveal more, opting to post goofy, slightly nonsensical trailers instead. Today, however, we have some concrete new information!

It may come as no surprise, but Neurosis frontman Scott Kelly has confirmed he is making yet another guest appearance with Mastodon. His distinct gruff croon and howls have been heard on each album since 2004's Leviathan and this cameo will mark his sixth in all.

Kelly offered up some details about what fans can expect from the record while guesting on the That's Not Metal podcast. “I just got it this morning," he began. "Its f--king good, its really good. I have not listened to the whole thing completely yet, I’ve gotten through about two-thirds of it. It’s aggressive."

Speaking about the production, Kelly added, "It’s the same guy who produced Crack the Skye [Brendon O’Brien], but the production is not quite as shimmery as that is, it’s a little bit rawer, which I like, although I really thought Crack the Skye… I really kind of hold up as the pinnacle for them in my mind. I need to digest it. It’s a great album. It’s heavy.”

As for his relationship with the band, Kelly stated he's been friends with Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor for 20 years and that his friendship with Brent Hinds dates back to around 1987 or 1988. Having met Troy Sanders once the band started, he called the group "good, salt of the earth guys," adding, "We just get along really well I'm always honored to be able to be a part of what they're doing because they — it really means something to them. They always say, 'Man, I think we've got a spot for you, we found a part.' It means a lot to me to be able to share even a little bit in their legacy because their legacy is really strong."

Dailor told us last year, "[Scott's] there for sure, his life has also been touched by cancer same as just about every single person that is alive had their life negatively impacted by the disease. He’s no stranger to it. He’s in there, but he would have been in there anyways. We always save a spot for Scott. One of those days we need to get him out on tour because we have enough for a full set with just Scott. We could do Mastodon featuring, definitely in order."

It's set to be an exciting year for Mastodon fans, who can also expect more music from Hinds and Sanders by way of Turd Factory. Sanders told us exclusively that the two plan on resurrecting the band with the intentions of having something released in 2017.

Scott Kelly on That's Not Metal Podcast

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