If you were on the West side of Lawton yesterday, chances are you experienced what seemed like the start of an apocalypse. As we were driving up 53rd Street yesterday, like a scene from a movie, as people started flowing out of their homes, we noticed the power cut off somewhere between Gore and Cache Road. Sirens of emergency vehicles rang through the warm, humid atmosphere, and as streams of patrons flowed out of Atwoods, it dawned on us that West Lawton was experiencing a power blackout.

As the nearly half-dozen fire trucks pulled over to the power sub-station behind Sunrise & Shine Omelet Grill, we pulled into the parking lot across the street just to see chaos unfold. It was only a few minutes before a single PSO bucket truck. He pulled up to the scene, opened the gates, and went to work. Countless stores, restaurants, businesses, city services, and homes that were crippled were counting on that lone PSO hero.

By the way, if you don't already have the PSO app on your phone, it's pretty handy. I ended up going over to a buddies house to hang out until they restored modernity in my hood. With the app, PSO will let you know if your power is out, and when it is restored based on your individual smart meter. With the current forecast, it might come in real handy this Spring.

Kelso PSO App

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