The cartoon Bob's Burgers isn't exactly known for its horror references, but a new episode that aired earlier this month featured a Rob Zombie-themed burger, and the rocker was delighted to discover it.

The episode in particular — Episode 14 of Season 12, titled "Video Killed the Gene-io Star" — aired March 13. According to TV Tropes, the synopsis of the special reads, "Gene begrudgingly agrees to participate in a music video for Courtney. Meanwhile, Teddy and Linda obsess over a mysterious customer at the restaurant."

So, given that information, it's unsurprising that there were actually several musical references during the airing in addition to its title (The Buggles, duh!). In the show, the Bob's Burgers food joint has different "Burger of the Day" specials, and the first one was called "House of 1,000 Pork-ses," which alludes to Zombie's film House of 1,000 Corpses. The second Burger of the Day was called "I Stilton Haven’t Found What Thyme Looking For" — obviously, a reference to U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."

Oh, and the kids also apparently name-dropped Simon & Garfunkel, too, but unknowingly referred to them as "Simon & Garfield," too.

Bob's Burgers Wiki notes that Bob, the restaurant owner, and his daughter Louise come up with the titles for the Burger of the Day. It adds that Bob's names are always "family-friendly," while Louise's tend to be more on the inappropriate side, and she has to sneak them on the board without Bob noticing.

We're not sure if U2 has seen the episode or not, but Zombie certainly has, and he posted a screenshot of the "House of 1,000 Pork-ses" burger advertisement written on the chalkboard in the restaurant on his Instagram. The special features a burger topped with ham and bacon, and it ran for $5.95.

"Now this is exciting! A House of 1,000 Corpses shout on Bob's Burgers! Love that show," the shock-rocker wrote. Guitarist John 5 commented, "So great."

See the post below, and watch the episode underneath.

"House of 1,000 Pork-ses is a pretty dark reference. I'm surprised Bob has even seen House of 1,000 Corpses," a fan of the show wrote on Reddit.

Well, Bob has some good taste, as do the writers of the show. There was an earlier episode, featured in Season 6, which was titled "House of 1,000 Bounces." There are some big Zombie film fans working behind the scenes here.

YouTube - Beam SN
YouTube - Beam SN

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