Butcher Babies are getting ready to drop their third studio album, Lillith, later this month and have already unleashed the title track for fans to get a sample of what's to come. Their latest offering, "Headspin" serves up something that differs from the more rhythmically intense "Lillith" and can be heard above.

At first, "Headspin" comes across as barren and gloomy with ethereal leads echoing into the distance and the dual-threat attack of Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd is subdued as their vocal take falls in line with the mood of the opening moments. The tension is relieved around the one-minute mark after a brief pause where the song bursts into more pop-friendly, anthemic rock territory. The mood dips once again after the explosive chorus, becoming increasingly aggressive as the distortion presents itself and the vocals go from angelic cleans to feral growls, setting up the dissonant breakdown over the bridge perfectly.

Speaking about the album's title, Harvey stated, “When we were thinking of titles for our album, we wanted to find something that embodied sensuality, lust, danger and power. We kept going back to Lilith. We researched Lilith and her origins in different cultures and forms and knew that this figure, once feared but now a beautiful, symbolic middle finger to repression, would be a perfect representation of our album. The cover art we created with our graphic artist perfectly pulls together the last year we’ve spent working on Lilith. I’ve always loved water themes and there is something terrifying yet calming about the deep sea; submersing yourself in it could be the death of you, yet at the same time it’s cleansing and renewing. With this album we dove in fully and drowned ourselves in emotion, sexuality and even turmoil, and let the two headed beast we created has emerged even stronger.”

Lillith will be out on Oct. 27 through Century Media and pre-orders for the album can be placed here. The Butcher Babies' run with Hollywood Undead gets underway tomorrow (Oct. 1) and will come to a close on Dec. 11. Head to the band's Facebook page for a list of all upcoming tour dates.

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