Whether you're referring to Stephen King's original novel or the 1976 Brian De Palma film, one mention of 'Carrie' conjures up images of bloody, psychic vengeance during a high school prom. For this reason, all of the marketing for director Kimberly Peirce's take on the material has focused on the final chunk of the film, where bullied teen Carrie White unleashes her supernatural powers on an unsuspecting populace. The newest poster doesn't stray from this formula.

While the first few posters have focused on a close-up of star Chloe Moretz's blood-covered face, the new one pulls back, putting our teen anti-heroine in a scene that looks downright apocalyptic. One of the most memorable stretches of King's original novel occurs after the infamous prom scene and this poster seems to promise that the extended, nightmarish carnage of the book will make it to the screen.

Of course, 'Carrie' isn't a project to watch just because it'll be violent and gnarly. You don't hire a director like Peirce if you want a traditional splatter horror film. You hire a director like her if you want to get to the emotional core of one of the horror genre's most troubled and sympathetic characters. After all, the third act of 'Carrie' only works because she's a victim for two-thirds of the movie.

'Carrie' arrives in theaters on October 18.


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