New Jersey is forcing residents who operate motor vehicles to wipe those big, silly smiles off of their faces – when they get their drivers license photo taken, that is.

The state has instituted the smiling ban because says its facial recognition software does not comprehend all those happy-go-lucky, ear-to-ear smiles that some motorists are so intent on showing off rather than opting for the typical mug-shot-esque portrait of an organ donor in training.

And while most New Jersey motorists that have visited the DMV since January haven’t noticed the new smile ban policy, some of the more perceptive residents have, leading to some public outrage, and of course, some people leaving without a new license.

However, after being made aware of the reasons for the new policy, most of New Jersey's happiest motorists say they are content with having their drivers license pictures taken without showing off as many teeth.

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