Slipknot and Imagine Dragons released new songs yesterday. Although both bands are undeniably massive in terms of reach and fanbases, it was obvious that the long-awaited return of Slipknot overshadowed a new song from Imagine Dragons - and now we have numbers to prove it.

The music video for Slipknot's "All Out Life" is currently sitting at 2,680,938 views on YouTube, while the audio stream for Imagine Dragons' "Machine" is at 2,005,703 views. Furthermore, the former generated 297,436 streams on Spotify during its first day, while the latter only brought in 182,123.

A fan pointed out the YouTube streams to Corey Taylor on Twitter, enthusiastically adding, "Metal will never die!" The Slipknot frontman co-signed the stat and statement by retweeting it.

Although metal fans were inherently stoked to have new Slipknot music in their hands, those who were aware of the stats were even more elated.

In case you somehow missed the news yesterday, you can listen to Slipknot's new song here, watch the music video here and read the lyrics here.

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