Someone has been watching too much 'Game of Thrones' episodes.

Richard Luthmann, a Staten Island attorney, whom also admits to be a mega fan of the show has challenged the plaintiffs in a suit against him to face him a fight to the death unless they dismiss the case.

Luthmann claims that his challenge is real as it has not been outlawed in the U.S. or New York.

“They want to be absurd about what they’re trying to do, then I’ll give them back ridiculousness in kind,” Luthmann said.

So what exactly is the suit that Luthmann is combating?

He is accused of helping his client commit a $500,000 fraud. Normally in the show when a character calls for a trial by combat it's a last ditch effort for them to prove innocence either by the judge not really caring for their case or that the character is truly guilty and that is their only saving grace.

Makes you wonder if the attorney doesn't have a good argument or if he really is guilty.

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