Around the entire world, there is a movement to quit smoking. If you're a smoker, you already know this. How long has society been encouraging you to quit? Nowadays, since the youth of all nations seem to run on emotional feels, New Zealand is trying a new approach aimed at breaking your heart for health. Basically, if you smoke, your dog is going to die. That's the gist of it, and it seems to be working.

Don't get me wrong, no pet has a long enough life and they all eventually die... but watching this little video short hits you right in the feels even if you aren't the target youth demo. You see it, then you become a less intense version of John Wick on a mission to stamp out smoking. Brilliant.

You can toss out the "Well I like to smoke." or "It's too hard to quit." arguments all day long, but one thing is absolute... While it may be enjoyable to some and no doubt a hard habit to quit, smoking will cut your life short, and there's no measurable fuse. Smokers die smoking related deaths at all ages.

I get it, I used to smoke too. I'm not preachy about it at all though. You quit when you feel you can. But you won't know if you can if you never try. It took me a few attempts, and eventually I found one that stuck. I don't cough anymore. I don't have that deep, harsh voice in the mornings. And above all, and I already know you won't know what I'm talking about because I didn't understand it as well until I quit... you'll smell better. Give yourself a two week break from the smokes, then go grocery shopping. You'll pass a smoker or two in the isle, and you won't believe that you used to walk around smelling that bad. It's an eye opener.

Good luck. I hope you find the will to quit.

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